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The Albums - 2000's



Anne Kirkpatrick and Bill Chambers; two of Australia's most respected musicians have joined forces to record (and jointly produce) what can only be described as a stunning classic style country duet. The resulting duet "Here We Are" is the first single to be lifted from Anne Kirkpatrick's upcoming career spanning album Annethology. Apart from the 2 brand new tracks, the aptly titled Annethology also features 21 of Anne's classic recordings from her long and enduring solo career (1974-2010).

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Slim Dusty Family Reunion

The Slim Dusty Family Reunion

EMI (CD) released in 2008. Tracks: How Good It Is (Slim); Road Dreamin (Anne); Resting Place (James Arneman & Hannah Kirkpatrick); Old Purple (David); Took His Saddle Home (Anne ); Pick It Up and Pass It On (David & Anne); Too Many Memories (Joy) ;Sunburnt People (Slim); Keep On Rolling (David); High, Wide & Handsome (Kate Arneman); The Dreamer (Hannah Kirkpatrick); Middle Of The Road (James Arneman); Family Reunion (Joy and The Family); From There To Now (Anne).

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Showman's Daughter

Showmans Daughter

Compass Brothers 022CDCB (CD) released in 2006. Tracks: Showmans Daughter; Drive Away; Silos Of Home; Never Say Never; Women Of The West; Bluer Skies; The Cunnamulla Fella; Peppimentarti Cradle; Goodbye; Neverland; When It's Lamplighting Time in The Valley; When The Rain Tumbles Down In July; One Of A Kind.

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Travellin still... Always will

Travellin Still, Always Will

EMI 5380342 (CD) released in 2001. Track: End Of The Bitumen (Slim); Travellin Still..Always Will (Anne); Tracks I Left Behind(Slim); Man On The side Of The Road (Slim & Anne); Just An Old Cattle Dog (Slim); Belt & Buckled (Slim & Anne); Bonner (Slim); You & My Old Guitar (Slim & Anne); I Wonder If The Creeks are Flowing Still (Anne); Sundown (Anne); Taking on What's Next (Slim); The Men Who Try & Try (Slim).

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The Albums - 1990's

Cry like a man

Cry Like A Man

ABC/EMI 821482-2 (CD) released in 1997. Tracks: You Can Believe In Me; Many Mothers; Goin Strong, Goin Wrong; Are You Wasting My Time; Change Your Name; She's Goin Again; The Heart Of The Land; Old Hometown; Hit and Run; Cry Like A Man; Forever Never Felt so Far Away; That's All You Ever Got From Me.

Anne Kirkpatrick and friends - live

Anne Kirkpatrick & Friends Live

ABC/EMI 479810-2 (CD) released in 1995. Tracks: Out of The Blue; You Ain't Going Nowhere (with Troy Cassar-Daly); One Rose; I Still Miss Someone (with Jane Saunders); Sin City (with Ian Simpson and James Gillard); Wheels (with David kirkpatrick); Feel A Whole Lot Better; Lights In The Mirror (with Genni Kane); Cryin Time (with Lee Kernaghan); Come Back Again (with Lee Kernaghan); If You Won't Go Away (with the Flying Emus); In The Country; Bury Me Beneath the Willow (with Joy and Slim)

Game of love

Game Of Love

ABC 518074-2 (CD) released in 1993. Tracks: Game Of Love; Eastbound Train; Roulette Wheel Of Love; Hold's Too Strong; Cradle Of Love; Circle Cafe; Frozen Emotion; Heartbroken; Am I The One; Whites of Your Eyes; Don't Blame Me; A Place Called Lonesome.

The Best Of Anne Kirkpatrick

The Best Of Anne Kirkpatrick

Axis 701655-2 (CD) released in 1991. Tracks: All he Did Was Tell Me Lies; Hold On Me; Darling Pal Of mine; Only Love Can Break Your Heart; Take Me Home; Sailing; I Know A Heartache; Uproar; Long Ago Shoes; Standing Too Close Too The Flame; Come Back Again; Safe In The Arms Of Love; Goulburn Street; Merry Go Round of Life; The Lame Fiddler; Anecdotes Of You; My Town; Tonight Ill Shoot The Moon; Baby With You; Honky Tonk Girl.

Out of the Blue

Out Of the Blue

ABC 846595-2 (CD) released in 1991. Tracks: I Guess We've Been Together For too Long; Trainwreck Of Emotion; I Don't Go Back Anymore;Take Your Time; A Bottle Of Wine And Patsy Cline;Out Of The Blue; The Same Mistake; Sight For Sore Eyes; Broken Bleeding Hurting Heart; Sweet Moments; The Dance; There Goes My Heart Again; Goodbye.

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The Albums - 1980's

Two singers - one song

Two Singers One Song

Columbia SCXO-793190 (LP) released in 1989. Duet album with Slim Dusty. Tracks: Crying on Each Other’s Shoulder; There At The Side Of The Road; Two Singers One Song;My Old Pal; Like A Boomerang; Murray Moon; Droving; In My Grandmother's Arms; My Favourite People; Rock This Joint; I Love My Truck; We Can Change The World.

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Come back again

Come Back Again

EMI EMX-430049 (LP) released in 1987. Tracks: I Got You; Safe In The Arms of Love; Long Ago Shoes; Lights In The Mirror; Baby With You; Honky Tonk Girl; Come Back Again; Born For The Night Life; Careless Heart; Somebody Loves You; Take Me Home; In The Country

Merry go round of love

Merry Go Round Of Life

Nulla NUL-102 (LP) released in 1982. Tracks: Goulburn Street; Merry Go Round of Life; Knocking Around; Love From The Sidelines; Mamma's Don't let Your Babies Grow up To be Cowboys; Standing Too Close To The Flame; Ring Of Fire; Sweet Rain; The Lame Fiddler; Brand New Love; Waiting For A Train; Your Love's Not Enough.

Annie's songs

Annie's Songs

EMI EMY-503 (LP) released in 1980. Tracks: Sailing; Grievous Angel; Annie Johnson; All He Did Was Tell Me Lies; Louise; John Hardy; Feel A Whole Lot Better; I Go To Pieces; I Know A Heartache; Uproar; Hold On Me; Old Aunt Eliza; Crazy; I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes

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The Albums - 1970's

Shoot the moon

Shoot The Moon

EMI EMC-2655 (LP) released in 1978. Sailing; Grievous Angel; All He Did Was Tell Me Lies; Annie Johnson; Lonesome Me; Anecdotes Of You; Lady With The Braid; French Waltz; Question; Tonight I'll Shoot The Moon; Everybody's Looking For Something On A Saturday Night; Saturday Night At The Movies; Sad Movies Always Make Me Cry; Another Saturday Night; Bobby's Girl.

Let the songs keep flowing strong and naturally

Let The Songs Keep Flowing Strong And Naturally

EMI EMC-2554 (LP) released in 1976. Tracks: Hold On Me; Hayes; Only Love Can Break Your Heart; Uproar; Old Aunt Eliza; Old Pal Of Yesterday; Feel A Whole Lot Better; My Town; I'm Not Lisa; Rainbows Over Your Blues; As If I Didn’t Know; Seed Of Music; Take My Hand.

Down home

Down Home

Columbia/EMI SCXO-8019 (LP) released in 1974. Track: John Hardy; Homestead Blues; Long Black Veil; Louise; Honky Tonk Blues; Darling Pal Of Mine; We’ll Sweep Out The Ashes; Bury Me Beneath The Willow; Train Leaves Here This Morning; One Day Blues; I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes; One Rose.

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